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This time of year, again…

London Fashion Week. Last year, Tigerlily Taylor modeled on the catwalk by Conchita Perez (with Debbie and Lola on attendance). It was the Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

But for the Autum/Winter 2015 she didn’t go to the London Fashion week (as far as I know, Conchita Perez didn’t present her collection but will do it now, I don’t know which day).

There are models who do more than one fashion designer’s runways, so I don’t know if she’ll work for Conchita Perez and/or other people.

And the editorial websites where I get the pics from (Getty Images, REX Features, Zimbio, Contact Music, paimages, newscom…) they don’t always credit the models from the catwalk so… double search!

Anyway, I’ll try my best to find pics and posting them and so on. But mmaybe it takes a while. Because last year I knew it for her instagram, but it sees she’s not active there anymore so… :sigh:

Beautiful Lola for you all!

Lola Daisy May Leng Taylor is becoming one of the most beautiful teenage English girls from the scene. It seems many people is becoming insterested in her, and they’ve requested photos, so here they go some of my favourites Lola pics from public events that can be shareable.

She was already very beautiful when she was a little girl (the one who looks more like Roger, to me), and has aged very gracefuly.

You can follow the tags for more posts, the details of the pics, etc.

Enjoy! :)

I’m very busy, I’ve started the university and I don’t have much time to answer your questions or update the sites.

As soon as I organize myself I will be more active, then, all my apologies (but don’t worry, I’ll find time!).

Plus at uni we don’t have a very great internet conection (instagram and these things, you know? only for work) so… :S

Thanks lovelies!! I know you’ll understand <3

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Sooo… I don’t know if you will able to see that. Tell me, ok? Because I think you must be logged. Anyway, I joined the VK community looong ago because there was a great Tiggs community there BUT then I realised all the pics were “stolen” not only from Tigg’s facebook but also from her friends’. Then this community was deleted and this is the only reason I created mine.

Anyway, people from vk tend to post these “private” pics at their forums, communities, profiles, etc. And they shared these pics from Lola’s instagram. If they share them first then it’s OK to me sharing them (because if someone tells me to delete them I always can say “hey, they did post them first”, and usually then I delete them — like I did with the Tiggs’ instagram pics— but magically the other users don’t).

If the link doesn’t work, try and scroll down, or try (all links open in a new window). If still doesn’t work tell me.

They posted them there on August 30th 2014 crediting Lola’s instagram but not giving the URL.


Anonymous asked:

I promise that if you give me Lola instagram I won't post pictures of her,My account isn't even about queen, my blog is a fitblr.I don't have an instagram account but I check everyday Rufus & Tigerlily account and I never saw lola Tagged,I'm just a big fan and I don't post anything from the taylors,it's just that Lola is my fav and I would love to see more pic of her. Is there a way you can give tell me.I'll come off anon promise I will never ever give it to anybody or post pics of her...

To see her instagram you have to check Tigerlily’s on mobile (not on computer), and then there is an option to see the pics in which Tiggs has been tagged, and some of them are from Lola’s. This option is not visible in the computers, only in mobiles (in fact, I didn’t know there was this option before having my own instagram account!).

If you aren’t able, tell me, and then I’ll post Lola’s instagram. But please, to everybody, if I post it, don’t repost or “steal” her pics (or share, if you want to), because her account now is public and maybe she gets annoyed if she sees her stuff on the net without consent (as it happened with the Roger/walrus pic from Rufus’ facebook, it had a “public” privacy, everybody reposted it here and now Rufus has switched off all his photos to private privacy and we can’t seen them anymore. I hope if I give you Lola’s instagram URL you’ll have learnt from this).


Anonymous asked:

Do you think lola migh become a model ?

Yes, why not. She’s beautiful and has a lot of style, and it seems she loves posing. But maybe as an actress too. She shares vids of her at youtube talking about things, she’s not shy at all, so maybe she likes to perform in front of a camera.

Anyways, for the moment she’s so young and maybe she prefers not being famous and prefers to study like Rory.


Anonymous asked:

does cara delevigne and tiger lily still friends ?

I know they are friends in facebook and their follow each other’s instagrams, plus they have many friends in common (Gala Gordon, Jazzy De Lisser, Adwoa Aboah, Christabel Rose Reed, Rose Bonham Carter… to name a few). Also, Rufus is friend with Poppy and chloe Delevingne. So I would like to think that yes, they are still friends, but maybe they don’t hang  around togeter as they used to be (you know? growing up, fame…). But I hope there will be more pics of them together at events or even modeling together in the near future :)

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