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Anonymous asked:

Do you know why Roger and Debbie split?

He cheatted twice on her. While one is more or less reliable, I don’t think the other it’s true (it was just a woman claiming she had sex with him, but maybe she only wanted fame and money).

So, in 1999 lap dancer Fay Lawrence said Roger and she dated for a while. While she claims he still was grieving for Freddie’s passing (which I believe), I don’t believe about this relationship. I think she only wanted money and fame, as I say.

And in 2002 he had a flying with Catrina Davies, a Big Brother TV contestant and a glamour model. This is the reason why Roger and Debbie broke-up.

But Roger and Debbie, as well as Roger and Dominique, have a good relationship now, they are friends, so it’s not rare to see them together, despite the split.

who-beatle-queen asked:

Hi! I was just wondering if you knew how old all of Rogers children are? ^_^

Yep :)

Felix Luther Taylor (b. May 22nd 1980) - 34.

Rory Eleanor Taylor (b. May 29th 1986) - 28

Rufus Tiger Taylor (b. March 8th 1991) - 23

Tigerlily Taylor (b. October 10th 1994) - 20

Lola Daisy May Leng Taylor (b. April 9th 2000) - 14

Ta Da! :)

(Maybe in the past I said Lola was 15, I’ve corrected it, this was my mistake, but she seems older than 14, in a good way!)


Anonymous asked:

so you don't give her instagram but you post pics of her? Rather just give it it's the same thing....You told people you didn't wanted to give it because people would post pics of her and now you are doing it.... I'm kind of confused?! :/

OK; you are right, I unserstand you, but look: I’ve posted that they come from her instagram and, if you see my blog too, you’ll see I’ve reblogged some others and I’ve posted that are from her instagram, the original post didn’t have posted that the pics are from her instagram. This is what I mean, do you understand it now?

Here it is, you can find it on-line anyway so…

#tbt #thursday Roger, Lola and Tigerlily Taylor, and TV presenter James May as seen in TV program Top Gear. #TopGear awarded #Queen ‘s song Don’t Stop Me Now as the Best Driving Song, 2005. #rogermeddowstaylor #RogerTaylor #LolaTaylor #tigerlilytaylor #JamesMay #BestDrivingSong


Tigerlily, Rory, Felix, Roger, Debbie, Lola, and Rufus

October 10th 2014, at the Social Eating House in Soho, london. I guess this is celebrating Tigg’s 20th birthday. From Lola’s instagram

daisymaylt asked:

what is lola like????? you know anything for her personality or likes and dislikes???? what colour are her eyessss?!?! <3


I don’t know but I think she’s a funny girl, she looks so funny, and she’s really beautiful too! I don’t know her likes or dislikes neither, sorry, but I think she likes good rock music, besides Queen she loves also Guns N’Roses (there is a couple of pics wearing T-shirts of them), The Beatles and I don’t know about The Rolling Stones.

Her eyes are blue :)

<3 <3 darling!


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